Investor Relations

Inter Far East Energy Corporation Public Company Limited

Message from Chairman

Dear Shareholders, Investors, and All Concerned

According to the COP21 conference regarding Paris agreement, 195 countries signed an agreement to reduce global climate change. The agreement is to regulate the global greenhouse emissions to a level that will limit the global average temperature to not more than 2 C° by year 2020 and reduce greenhouse gas emissions to zero within the second half of the century. Moreover, developed countries will be funding, to the amount of one hundred billion US dollars per year, to developing countries in order to transition toward clean technology.

Due to the mention above, I feel glad and very proud, because IFEC has the same concept and is very much involved in technological development for producing all types of clean energy and other related developments which will lead to new innovations. Our vision is to uplift the world and the environment by reducing pollution and greenhouse gas without losing of adequate energy required for the development of the world.

This issue is a worldwide problem that plagues the world without borders; IFEC and its subsidiaries have already adapted to this circumstance. We have setup ourselves in partnership for investment in every regions of the world; which all of you probably know from our company's Road map 2016 or from other mass media sources.

However, IFEC is focused on maintaining the balance of investor returns, stability for employees and staff in the organization, fair rates to our consumer base, and giving back to society in the appropriate risk level; with accordance to the regulation, to firmly avoid support towards corruption.

As the Chairman of Inter Far East Energy Corporation Public Company Limited or our IFEC, I would like to thank everyone for participating and encouraging in the growth of our company and subsidiaries to move forward steadily and prosperously forever.


Lt. Dr.Wichai Thavornwattanayong
Chairman/Executive Chairman